Restaurant Reviews

Although I love to cook my own meals most of the time, we all need a little comfort food in our lives! Here are some honest reviews of Toronto restaurants who make lazy days easy!

AMA Always

Couldn’t wait to share with you all this incredible experience at AMA restaurant – Argentinian cuisine located at 930 Queen St. West in downtown Toronto. This brand new, beautifully designed restaurant not only serves incredible food but also transforms into a bar and lounge and hosts a great after-dinner party serving “any cocktail you can think of” and more, accompanied by a live DJ or occasionally a band. Although AMA isn’t a plant-based restaurant, its owner Sebastian Galluci says he is tired of seeing poorly prepared vegan food and adds that he doesn’t fry anything whatsoever. It’s great to see such a warm welcome and full accomodation for AMA’s veggie guests. So, what did we have!?

We started with the sweet potato empanadas (featured below) which had caramelized onions topped with pesto, edible flowers, balsamic, herbs and olive oil. The pastry was golden-brown and slightly crispy while the inside was chewy and flavourful with a hint of garlic.

AMA’s sweet potato empanadas with caramelised onion, pesto and edible flowers drizzled with herbs, balsamic and olive oil.

Following the empanadas were two crispy corn tostadas topped with a large helping of creamy guacamole as well as peppers, grape tomatoes, red onion, watercress, herbs and pickled veggies (featured below).

Corn tostadas topped with guacamole and veggies.

For the main event (and I refer to it as an event for a reason), we were served a special dish from AMA’s secret menu, which it loves to suggest to those with dietary preferences such as vegetarian or vegan. I’ll call it a BIG PLATE OF VEGGIES but this really does it no justice! The plate consists of yellow zucchini, grilled sweet potato, grilled peppers, arugula salad topped with a grapefruit and blood orange salsa, and grilled beets caramelized with grapefruit rather than sugar. They also threw in some extra guac because we loved the tostadas so much – and besides, who can have too much avo?! This plate was massive. Although this plate is the feature image, I’m going to show the photo with myself below for comparison. My plant-based model friend Ashley and I could NOT finish it (and despite coming with empty stomachs, had to turn down Sebastian’s offers for more food… next time). Check out this beautiful rainbow plate!

Our main plate – grilled and pickled zucchini, peppers and other veggies, guacamole, and arugula salad topped with grapefruit and blood orange salsa.

To summarize, it isn’t always just the 100% vegan restaurants that can offer a full range of delicious and satisfying plant-based nourishment! Galluci was never trained as a vegan chef but definitely could have fooled us. Thanks so much AMA restaurant for having us! We’ll definitely be back.

AMA Always
930 Queen St. West, Toronto
Cuisine: Argentinian

Doug’s Public Kitchen

doug mcnish me.png

Today I had the most awesome vegan brunch of my life. A restaurant called Doug McNish’s Public Kitchen here in Toronto served me my first ever vegan sunny-side up egg. I actually ordered the French toast which was phenomenal and comes with tempeh bacon, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the famous vegan egg with an intact but breakable yolk. Let me assure you, Doug did not disappoint.

This place is amazing. It’s 100% vegan, local, and organic. It doesn’t use refined sugar, so coffee comes with a side of almond milk and organic coconut sugar. The French toast was crispy and sweet with pure maple syrup and topped with coconut cream and raspberries! The tempeh was seasoned perfectly. But, let’s talk about the egg…


This thing is a true vegan miracle in its purest form.
The “white” of the egg was tofu, medium firm and very realistic, but the yolk is the crazy part. It feels and tastes like a real yolk, and it bursts exactly like the real thing. I could not tell you what it is made of if I wanted to, which I don’t because I think that’s part of the fun. I’m a huge advocate of knowing what you’re eating, but since the restaurant is plant based and organic, I feel pretty confident trusting Mr.Mcnish on this one. I will however be playing around with recipes I find online just to see if I can possibly imitate this myself. I’m obsessed.

Doug’s Public Kitchen
Location: 561 Marlee Ave, Toronto
Cuisine: Healthy Organic Comfort Food